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The Committee to Elect Nathan Thomas encourages you to learn more about Nate, his experience at the federal and state levels, and how he is in touch with the current issues facing our community. He wants to be your Missouri State Representative for District 147.

Nate Thomas is…
  • Committed to our community
  • Focused on strong fiscal conservatism
  • Dedicated to protecting our God-given and Constitutional rights
  • Invested in small business growth and economic development

Please Vote for Nathan Thomas for Missouri State Representative on August 2, 2022.


Dedicated to community. Strong values.
Forward thinking. Collaborative.

Nathan grew up near Cape Girardeau, in rural Perry County, and moved to Atlanta, GA to complete his Masters in Business Administration and Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Following an opportunity to work with the Atlanta Falcons in developing their team-branded physical therapy clinics, Nathan moved to Washington DC to serve as Associate Director of Federal Government Affairs for the American Physical Therapy Association. In this role, he led the analysis of legislative policy and federal regulations to ensure that the voice of his profession and patients were represented with decision-makers. Daily he had to navigate through the intricacies and inefficiencies of the legislative process and layers of government.

Following his entrepreneurial desire and love of family. Nathan moved back to Cape Girardeau to partner in the launch of a start-up business opportunity. Once in operation, the venture was successfully sold and remains in operation today, providing a unique service offering to the Cape Girardeau region.

Nathan will never miss an opportunity to tell you that the most unimaginable blessing he received upon returning to Southeast Missouri was meeting his wife, Dana. They have three children: Olivia (Sophmore at Knox College), Ella (9th grade Cape Central), and Cooper (Kindergarten at Clippard Elementary). They are always on the go with soccer, volleyball, school academics and more in support of their kids. Sometimes he coaches, sometimes he is just a spectator, but Nathan is always supportive of the team and coaches in developing our youth.

Since moving back to the area, Nathan has stayed involved in government policy and planning through his time on various Boards and committees and as an active business owner with commercial property within Cape Girardeau. He is employed by Saint Francis Medical Center and works with Dana through their company, BOLD Marketing.

Nate’s healthcare policy career and leadership efforts have always involved, in one way or another, identifying innovative solutions for improved outcomes and less cost within one of the most rigid and heavily regulated industries that exists. He takes great pride in thinking outside-of-the-box in ways that ultimately benefit all stakeholders, and he will carry this approach across all policy sectors once in Jefferson City.

Nathan is one who listens to all sides, conducts his own research, evaluates all viable options, and refers to active leadership and those who have served in the past before he moves in a direction. He is selfless – looking at the big picture and most important impact of any decision. But make no mistake, when that decision is made he will work hard to bring it to fruition. Coming from the world of business ownership, Nate knows all too well that being nimble and decisive is a matter of sink-or-swim.

Nathan is a man of faith. He has a strong work ethic. He holds himself to the utmost accountability in his current position serving as City Council Ward 3 representative. He will continue to listen to you – anyone who wants to express ideas, concerns or ask questions.




Proudly Endorsed By:

Local + MO State Firefighters Council


A Uniquely CURRENT Perspective as your Representative

  • CURRENTLY a parent with children in all levels of education (from college to Kindergarten)
  • CURRENTLY a business owner and employer who, in addition to the day-to-day decisions that are involved with growing a long-standing local business, was forced to navigate through the ongoing uncertainties of the COVID pandemic
  • CURRENTLY a Cape Girardeau City Councilman with an attentive finger on the pulse of the most pressing issues currently facing our community
  • CURRENTLY a healthcare provider who treats patients in the hospital and sees firsthand the impact of COVID and regulations on care delivery and patient well-being
  • CURRENTLY engaged in the community in a way which allows him to hear your voice and effectively represent it in Jefferson City.

Economic Development:

Owns a business and commercial property in Cape Girardeau.
Cape Girardeau needs to become a destination for corporations and entrepreneurs to locate and grow their businesses.  With this aim, it is imperative that we also become the most sought-after destination for people in search of diverse high quality, competitive job opportunities.  As a community, we need to ensure that the mechanisms are in place to provide the appropriately customized 21st-century training and education necessary to support ALL levels of employment within the companies that call Cape Girardeau home.

Focused on Family and Youth:

Children go to Cape Public Schools; Active on Various Volunteer Boards and Committees
Nathan believes having the highest quality education available to ALL children is one of the most important goals we should strive for in our community and throughout the state of Missouri. Cultivating the success of our children both inside and outside of the classroom is an investment in the vitality of our future.

Committed to Health and Safety:

Healthcare professional; serves on State Boards and national committees
Frontline medical, public safety, and fire personnel deserve the utmost level of respect, gratitude, and support that we can give them as a community.  This otherwise evident fact only became more apparent as we faced the struggles of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Nate will fight to ensure that these personnel are empowered with the resources that they need in order to do what they do best – protect us citizens everyday from unforeseen circumstances.  Communities thrive when they feel safe and are crime-free.

Experienced in Government Policy:

Former federal policy expert in Washington D.C.; Responsible for setting policy agenda for federal and state levels; Current City Council Member
Nathan has spent significant time in Jefferson City educating policymakers on key issues affecting Cape Girardeau citizens and healthcare services. He serves on the statewide Board of Directors for the Missouri Physical Therapy Association and has served on multiple national boards and committees. Locally, he is the CURRENT Ward 3 City Council Member, having served the community in this role since 2019.


Guided by Christian values; driven by a blue-collar work ethic
Nathan is a fighter for individual liberty and freedom. He is a strong fiscal conservative and champion for decreasing the burden of government regulation. Nate is an NRA member and protector of 2nd Amendment rights. As a strong believer that human life begins at conception, Nate is pro-life.

A Genuine Approach that's Refreshingly Effective

Authentic and Down to Earth
Nathan is most certainly a family man. He is honest and extremely loyal. As your Representative, he relies on the experience of others, shared logic for situational outcomes, and a trust in human good for his decision making. He genuinely wants to listen to you and be your voice everyday in Jefferson City.

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